Get to know us

What is YourLocal and what do we stand for?

YourLocal is a socially responsible company that helps local consumers save money and reduce food waste in partnership with their favorite stores and restaurants in the neighborhood. On the YourLocal app, stores can make offers on food to be sold here and then notify users nearby who want to make a delicious bargain just before closing time. YourLocal is a simple solution to save money, buy good food and save it from the trash.

On the app you can follow your local shops and restaurants and be notified every time they have food in surplus. You can buy the food directly in the app with up to 70 % discount and pick it up when it suits you. YourLocal is a solution that benefits everyone - consumers, local shops and the environment.

This is how it started

YourLocal began as a group chat on Vesterbro, started by the friends Sebastian / Kasper. The idea was to connect local stores and consumers in the fight against food waste. Every time a store had a surplus of food, the group chat started and friends and family received great offers on surplus food. This solution turned out to be popular very fast and in 2015 the two friends built the first danish app that fighting food waste.

The meaning of it all

Why do we actually do this?

One third of all food is wasted. In Denmark alone, we throw out more than 814,000 tonnes of food annually, corresponding to more than DKK 13 billion. About a third of the food produced is never consumed. This food has either been lost in transport on the way to the consumer or wasted in institutional surroundings, shops, homes or in restaurants. Over 10% of the world's total energy consumption is used to create food that is never consumed, and about 8% of greenhouse gas emissions are due to the production, shipping, storage and processing of food that is lost or wasted.

With us you get delicious & freshly-made food from e.g


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